Working within the framework of the Montessori Philosophy, we value a thoughtful and well-prepared learning environment that is both purposeful and peaceful. Children realize their potential as they explore creatively, think intelligently, act responsibly, and communicate effectively. Park Slope Montessori is dedicated to facilitating this human development. Our commitment is to instill social responsibility, personal independence, and the knowledge that education is a lifelong process based on a solid academic foundation.


  • We value and nurture the strength of character it takes to work together as a team, to be an individual, to respect differences of opinions, and to empathize with others.
  • We value and nurture curiosity, imagination, creativity, experimentation and perseverance when faced with challenges.
  • We value and nurture an overall awareness, respect and care for our surroundings, community and environment.
  • We demonstrate an understanding of how to question, learn, problem solve, and creatively apply knowledge to new situations.
  • We explore new subjects, ideas, interests, relationships; learning from mistakes and persevering through difficulty.