Gentle Transition

In our unique Gentle Transition program we work we students as young as 18 months to prepare them for our Toddler Classrooms. Our program  allows for a peaceful transition from a home into the classroom setting. We help your child feel comfortable in a new environment, help increase their attention span, learn self-control and learn to interact with other children in a positive manner. The young child is very sensitive to his or her surroundings, absorbing and integrating elements.

Park Slope Montessori is the only local school that specializes in helping your child transition from a home environment to a group environment. With our unique Gentle Transition program we eliminate the stress of the transition on children and families. The Gentle Transition program consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Gentle Separation
The caregiver and child come in for private sessions conducted one-on-one with a Montessori guide. The caregiver remains in the classroom for reassurance only and does not interact with the student. As the student becomes more comfortable with the Montessori guide and the environment, the caregiver is eased out of the classroom until the child is ready to remain in the class with the Montessori guide. 

Phase 2: Classroom Introduction
The student works one-on-one with a Montessori guide in the classroom setting. The student is introduced to the classroom rules, routines, and expectations. They cover everything from the daily greeting — which always includes a handshake, eye contact, and a smile! — to carrying objects with two hands and putting materials away. Soon, with guidance and repetition, the child has settled into the routine of the Montessori classroom and is on his/her on their way to Classroom Integration. 

Phase 3: Classroom Integration
The student starts his/her day with a 30-minute private session before the regular class begins. The rest of the students come in for the regular school day and join the Gentle Transition student. The Gentle Transition student remains in the classroom for as long as he/she feel comfortable. The goal is to gradually increase the student's time within the classroom environment as his/her tolerance increases.